On the 6/12/13, we welcome 2 beautiful pups born to Tank & Teyah. 

A blue girl named Pumba & A black boy named Coach.

Both pups found amazing new homes to owners who didn't meet each other or even know anything about each other.


I received an email from Pumba's owner saying, 

Hi Kerry

Pumba, our 'Mini Teyah' has grown into a beautiful dog in every way.  We
often wonder how her brother, 'Mini Tank' is doing, and whether we would
ever see him again.  Last Sunday, the 2 siblings met for the first time
(since leaving you and their parents) at the dog beach at Bayview.  They
seemed drawn to each other immediately, and looked so alike, we had to ask
the owners (whom we didn't recognise) where their staff was bred.  It all
fell into place when they told us he is Coach, from Tank and Teyah's final
litter, Pumba's brother!!!

I over the moon they had this opportunity to meet. For the pups to be reunited years later. What are the chances of that. 
Attached are some photos of the two of them playing together.


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